A few LinkedIn tips I’ve learned over the years: 👇💡

→If you don’t post content, you’re basically invisible on LinkedIn. #LikeAGhost 👻

→Be persistent and post regularly. Post content that doesn’t suck. #SeriouslyYall

→Don’t post lame work-related content ALL the time. #ItMakesLinkedBoring 😴

→People connect with PEOPLE. #CuzHumans 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

→Show your personal side here, even some Facebook content is perfect! #MinusBathroomSelfies

→Someone is about to say, “LinkedIn isn’t Facebook” and start a LinkedIn war. #DontCare 😡

→Mix up your content with text, photos & videos. #FilmAllVideosInTheCar

→If you want to EXPAND your network, here’s a few tips: #JustSomeTips 👇👇

→Search your job title on LinkedIn. Send invites to 2nd & 3rd degree connections with your title. Y’all already have something in common! #SameJobYall🙌

→If a person engages with your content, send them an invite. They’ll probably engage with your posts in the future.

→INTERACT with people’s content! #NotAllAboutYou

→Tag people when responding to their comments.

→Use the LI reaction feature instead of just “liking” posts. It makes you stand out. #IClapAlot 👏

→Use emojis. People who don’t like emojis are basically bad people and don’t belong on LinkedIn! #BeExtra 💯

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