I was recently asked how the #LIAppropriate hashtag came to exist. Here’s the story: 👇📖

Once upon a time, I posted a goofy meme on LinkedIn and an angry TROLL replied:

“This is NOT appropriate for LinkedIn!” 🤬 (read that again in a troll voice)

As you’d expect, I spent the following days curled in the fetal position, wrapped in blankets, crying and eating ALL the food. The mean troll hurt my feelings.😭

But one day, I rose up through my tear-soaked hoodie, brushed off the pizza crumbs, circus peanuts and Lucky Charm marshmallows and remembered that sarcasm is one of my few remaining talents. And thus, the #LIappropriate hashtag was born. 👶

Today, most of my LI posts include that hashtag as “justification” for whatever nonsense I’m posting. Granted, it’s usually a stretch, but just go with it.

A year later, I’m amazed to see OTHER people using that hashtag and doing it proud! So, the next time YOU want to post something on LinkedIn about your kids, Nickelback or something that probably belongs on Facebook (no cats tho🐈 I’m serious) just use the #LIAppropriate tag and let the haters hate.

#KidsAreHard 😫

View the original LinkedIn post.

How the #LIAppropriate Hashtag Was Born