Example of a LinkedIn connection request that is pure gold💰 :

“Dear Sir or Madam: Blessings. I have a business solution for your company please contact me immediately so we can commence a mutual partnership.”

-Actual connection invitation I received…

⇣⇣⇣ Anthony’s 6 Point Breakdown… ⇣⇣⇣

1. Greet them with “Sir or Madam” b/c that’s how they rolled in the 16th century. #OrUseSire 👑

2. Bless them. Always bless ‘em. #AwwBlessIt 🙏

3. Always use run on sentences run on sentences are powerful so use them. #PunctuationIsForTheWeak ❌

4. Keep the pitch short. People have NO time. #AnitGotNoTimeForThatYall

5. Just say you have a solution. People love solutions. #HelpMeHelpYou 💯

6. Begin partnerships IMMEDIATELY. #LifeIsShortPartner

And that’s how you do #Sales on #LinkedIn. 🥇


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