There are more than 700 million global users on LinkedIn, but less than ONE PERCENT post content on a weekly basis. That means 3 million users are getting 9 BILLION impressions each week. That spells huge opportunity for you to be seen on LinkedIn – if you share content on a regular basis!

But still, many people struggle to generate content ideas for LinkedIn. These seven tips could help.

  1. Post content that allows your network to get to know you! It’s OK to talk about your hobbies, family, sports, or your latest Netflix binge. Why? Because those things are RELATEABLE! People engage with relatable content on LinkedIn.

    Set a goal to make at least one post like this every week. You’ll be glad you did a few months later.

    People won’t care about WHAT you do until they get to know something ABOUT you. People connect with people.

  2. Make a post about a recent project. What was the result? Was there an unexpected highlight or challenge? What did you learn? That should be an easy post.

  3. Give a shout out to a colleague for a recent accomplishment or something they did to help you on a project. People appreciate that more than you can imagine. TAG them in your post. To tag, just type the @ symbol followed by their name.

  4. Post of photo of your pet and people will engage like crazy. See example below if you don’t believe me. Encourage your connections to post a picture of their pet in your comments. This post will explode. Pets are RELATABLE, even on LinkedIn! 🐕

    One post generated over 34,000 views and 300 photos of good dogs!
  5. Repurpose content from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Yes, I know “LinkedIn isn’t Facebook”, but there’s a lot of content on these accounts that will help your network learn about you on a personal level. Just leave out the bathroom selfies and the pictures of keg stands from your college glory days. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

  6. Provide value by sharing something usefuland it doesn’t have to be career related. A few years ago, I learned that you can get 25% off every Papa John pizza order by using “25OFF” in their mobile app. I shared that as a post and people loved it. It also sparked a lively discussion about people’s preferences between Papa John’s and Dominos. Bonus engagement!

  7. Share something you learned on LinkedIn. If you follow the tips above, I guarantee that you’ll learn valuable lessons that your network would love to hear about. This also positions YOU as an authority on this network. And that can be a very powerful thing.

Finally, don’t over think it. Be consistent. Be relatable.

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Anthony's 19 Tips & Tricks for LinkedIn
Anthony’s 19 Tips & Tricks for LinkedIn