1. You think LinkedIn is ONLY for job searches and sales. 🛑

Not anymore. Today it’s is the most effective channel you can use to build your personal brand. Approach it with that mindset.

2. You’re overthinking it. 🛑

You’re intimidated because you think all content must be perfect & polished. As long as your post won’t embarrass your mother or get you fired, go with it.

3. You’re sharing content. 🛑

That’s not a typo. Do NOT click the “Share” button on posts. LinkedIn hates its own feature and crushes the reach. Create NEW content instead.

4. You’re not sharing info about yourself. 🛑

People connect with people. Read that sentence again because it’s the most important thing to remember when creating content. Be human, relatable & authentic.

5. You don’t engage with the newsfeed. 🛑

If you do nothing else on LinkedIn, interact with the newsfeed. Leave thoughtful comments and tag the author in replies.

6. You aren’t expanding your network. 🛑

It’s ok to connect with people you don’t know. Grow your network by searching for people with similar job titles. It’s been a gamechanger for me.

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Online Course: Build Your Brand on LinkedIn

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