Video content continues to excel on LinkedIn, but people will not watch your video unless it includes captions!

There are several ways to caption your videos, but here’s what I do (because it’s super easy):

  1. Record your video on your camera/phone. Keep it short.

  2. Upload the video to your desktop. It will make the rest of the process much easier!

  3. Go to and create an account.

  4. Choose the “Order Caption” option on the Rev website and upload your video. After a few minutes of processing, they’ll email a link where you can download and save the SRT (caption) file to your local computer. They charge ~$1.25 per minute of video, but it’s AMAZINGLY accurate. That says a lot, especially given my southern accent. I’m pretty sure a human is transcribing, or at least reviewing for accuracy.

  5. Finally, create a new post and upload your video to LinkedIn. Once the preview window pops up, scroll down and click “Select Caption“. You’ll then have the option to browse to the SRT file you just saved to your computer. LinkedIn takes it from there!

Note: Previously, you had to convert your video to an MP4 before uploading. However, from recent testing, it now appears to work with .mov files as well.

Other Methods

If you don’t want to pay for captions, you can always use an editing app like InShot and manually type the captions in your video. This is really time consuming, however, especially if your video is longer than a minute. Personally, I’d rather pay $2 than spend an hour typing and synching captions with audio.

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