First of all, I have a TikTok account and you can follow me here: @AnthonyJones885. While I’m no expert, here are a few tips to help you start posting videos that will ultimately lead to a life of fame and fortune. *Results not guaranteed…

  1. Watch Videos: Spend time watching as many videos as you can. Seriously, this is the easiest (and most entertaining) thing you can do to become familiar with the platform. Pay attention to the videos that resonate the with you the most. Are they funny? Are they relatable? Are they relevant to your personal interests? Probably so.

  2. You Have Potential TikTok Gems on Your Phone: We all have hundreds or thousands of videos on our phones. Spend time scrolling back and look for videos that might be candidates for TikTok, even if you can’t fully develop the concept right then. I created a folder on my iPhone called β€œTikTok Stuff” and add potential candidates there.

  3. Add to Favorites: If you see a video or hear a sound that you like on TikTok, add it to your favorites. I have a running list of about 30 sound clips I’ve found really funny or ones that gave me an idea for a future video. I occasionally go back and listen to these sounds to refresh my memory, often stirring up new ideas for content.

  4. Dupe and Trim: A lot of the videos on your phone may be long – really long. You can always duplicate a video, then trim the duplicated version to fit 60 seconds, which is the max length on TikTok.

  5. Use InShot: Of course, the TikTok app offers a number of tools to splice media, overlay copy and make basic edits. However, I find it much easier to do my editing in the InShot app, then upload the video to TikTok. From there, I can match the sound file to the video, which makes posting much faster.

  6. Hashtags: I address that one in a bit more detail right here.

  7. Engage with your network: Don’t forget to like and comment on videos that you enjoy. Like other social networks, this will help expand your visibility and grow your base of followers.

  8. Don’t Give Up: It takes time to build a following and generate engagement. Consistency is key. Don’t set expectations to go viral on your first video. It takes trial and error. Or in my case, mostly just errors!

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