In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to establish your personal online brand. In this 1 hour presentation, Anthony will explain simple, yet highly effective techniques that will help you create engaging content, grow your online network and boost your visibility on the world’s premier social network for professionals.

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Session: Building Your Brand on LinkedIn

In this session Anthony will explain:

  • The difference between a LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn brand
  • How to develop engaging content that will activate your network
  • Best practices for engaging with the newsfeed
  • Actionable tips to effectively grow your network
  • How to market your department/team/staff
  • How to leverage video content to take your brand to the next level
  • Tools, apps & resources to make the process easier
  • Q&A session with attendees


“I first heard Anthony Jones deliver a presentation at a global summit of nonprofit leaders. He did such a great job that I invited him to speak to my team at Arabella Advisors, and the feedback was superb. His content is excellent, and he delivers it in a way that is accessible and engaging …and definitely includes the most laughs you could imagine in a presentation on networking.”

“I strongly recommend him to any company or group that is looking to strengthen its team’s capacity to effectively engage people and build their personal brands on LinkedIn.”

-Jeremy Gregg
Arabella Advisors’ Managing Director for Texas | 3-time TEDx Speaker

“I would highly recommend any of Anthony’s seminar’s on LinkedIn. He did a webinar for the Memphis Chapter of the American Marketing Association and it was the highest attended event we have ever had. Not only was it amazingly entertaining and fun, everyone walked away with great, actionable ideas to improve their engagement on LinkedIn.”

-Mary Stratton,
American Marketing Association Memphis Board Member

The videos below are a few excerpts of what you’ll find in the presentation.